Producers Vault – Bachata Guitar VSTi x86 x64

Brenes Technologies brought the art of sampling to a new level with Bachata Guitar VSTi . We put a lot of time and effort into emulating the most authentic Bachata guitar sounds in a variety of styles, including, vocalization, rhythm, chords, mute, and more.
The sound of the Bachata Guitar VSTi was designed and manufactured under the inspiration of artists such as Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Aventura, Monchy y Alexandra, El Torito, Juan Luis Guerra, Anthony Santos.
This sample-based virtual instrument contains 15 patches of several types of electro-acoustic guitars, Electro-Acoustic Guitars, Yamaha APX, Martin CEO8 and a Hybrid Electro Acoustic custom Gibson ES3-35, all Sampled through Microphones (SM81) Direct ouputs and Pastillas Humbucker Pickups (Gibson Epiphone 1958, Fishman Neo D) and Processed through a Stereo Pair of Neve 1073 Class A Original Mic Pre-amps for maximum clarity and clarity.
Whether you are a producer, composer or beat maker trying to get this very sought after Bachata Guitar sound, you will fall in love with this easy to use VST plugin.

Instrument list – Presets

• Bachata Guitar VSTi
• Bachata Lead Clasico
• Bachatera Chorus R1
• Bachatera Classica HBK
• Bachaton de Los Tigres
• Bass Fender Bachatero
• GT Acordes Chord Strums
• GT Moderna Layer Stack
• GT Moderna Muted NYC Hybrid
• GT Moderna NY
• GT Muted HBK
• GT Studio Lead
• GT Studio Ritmo
• Guitarra Suave y Tierna
• PR Muted Electrica
• PR Plucked Electrica
• PR Soft Electrica
• Rolls Royce

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