Klevgrand – Full FX Bundle

The company of our Swedish friends is pleased to present you new versions of a creative line of devices that are already loved by professionals in all the world’s leading studios.
According to experts, this is one of the most creative and high-quality plug-ins on the modern market for sound processing software products.
Updated devices have significant functional improvements, thanks to which they have become more convenient to use and less demanding on resources.
A package of 22 effects contains everything you need for the sound processing process.

Brusfri v1.1.4 – Multilevel noise suppressor.
DAW Cassette v1.0.1 – Emulator of tape recorder artifacts.
DAW LP v1.0.4 – Emulator of vinyl player artifacts.
Degrader v1.0.2 – Bitcrasher.
Esspresso v1.0.3 – Antisibilator.
FreeAMP v1.0.1 – Preamp Emulator.
Gaffel v1.0.3 – Four-band frequency filter.
GotoEQ v1.0.2 – Parametric Equalizer.
GrandFinale v1.0.3 – Mastering Finalizer.
Haaze2 v2.0.0 – Stereo processor.
Kleverb v1.0.2 – Algorithmic Reverb.
Knorr v1.0.1 – Low-frequency harmonizer.
Korvpressor v2.0.0 – Compressor.
Kuvert v1.0.2 – Envelope Formation Processor.
LUXE v1.1.0 – Compressor, Saturator.
Modley v1.0.2 – Multi-effect, delay.
PressIt v1.0.2 – Three-way compressor.
Roverb v1.0.1 – The effect of multi-level delay.
REAMP v1.0.2 – Preamp Emulator, Saturator.
SquashIt v1.0.1 – Three-way overload generator.
STARK v1.0.1 – Emulator of a guitar cabinet.
Svep v1.0.2 – Stereo modulator, phaser, chorus.

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