Babelson Audio – Plugins Bundle 2020.02 VST, VST3, AAX x64

A set of plugins from Babelson Audio.

Babelson Audio B-Comp v1.2.0 is a stereo compressor. It was developed after testing diode compressors.
Babelson Audio FD2N Russian Edition v1.1.1 – Class A two-band tube equalizer
Babelson Audio FD1N British Edition v1.1.1 – Bright tube equalizer and saturator
Babelson Audio FD3N USA Edition v1.1.1 – Equalizer and tube
Babelson Audio BaB Drive v1.2.0 – BaB Drive simulates the sound of analog tape and classic lamps (triode, tetrode)
Babelson Audio BBCMP v1.2.0 – splits the incoming signal using low and high frequency filters. Then you can apply processing (compression, limitation, expansion, and gate) to each lane independently
Babelson Audio BaBel Mode 1976 v1.2.0 – vintage-style modulation effects with flanger, vibrato and chorus
Babelson Audio C-78 v1.1.3 – new transparent compressor and limiter. it does a great job of controlling and smoothing everything …
Babelson Audio DelFeed v1.2.0 is a semiconductor analog delay (up to 2000 ms) * old-school * effect, such as ping-pong delay, echo signal
Babelson Audio Gistortion] v1.1.1 – Real tube sound! Gistortion is a unique effect for bass / guitar. It will add flavor and specialty to your guitar and bass. It’s easy to put your guitar and bass in a mix.
Babelson Audio Proxima D v1.2.0 is a legendary effect that sounds natural. Great for synthesizers, keyboards, guitars in particular. We think this is the most powerful and thickest chorus you’ve ever heard.
Babelson Audio RojBash v1.2.0 – easy to use modulated tremolo and panner effect

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