Karanyi Sounds – Budapest Abstract Marimba (KONTAKT)

Budapest Marimba is designed to create fast sequences and inspiring tremolo basics for a modern sound. Unlike traditional marimba libraries, we’ve focused on fleeting rich, vibrant sounds, and we’ve also added multiple synth and ambient sublayers to suit all genres from electronic, jazz to cinematic.

Adams Concert Marimba sampled in a dry studio enviroment in Budapest

• Traditional techiques
• 6 different hit & tremolo instruments played with soft, medium, hard sitcks, hands and brush
• 4 velocity layers from pianissimo to forte
• 6 octaves / instruments
• 17 GUI controls including Instrument Switch, Attack-Decay Control, Room Mix adjustment, EQ presets, Tape, Chorus, Reverb and Master Compressor
• Recorded with 2 x AT35 (Mid Mix) – Shure SM57 (Close Mix) on Universal Audio Apollo X
• All GUI elements are MIDI learnable
Everything from Traditional Instruments plus
• 15 extra analog synthesizer sublayers sampled from various Oberheim & Dave Smith synthesizers
• 1 to 3 velocity layers / instrument
• 6 octaves / instruments

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